Additional Photography Services - Strawbridge Studios

Panoramic Groups

Strawbridge photographers can photograph large groups in a panoramic setting.  These images are typically taken of the graduating classes (5th, 8th, Senior) or of the whole school.  The standard print size of our panoramic is 10” x 18”.  Panoramic pictures taken can be made available for purchase at the school’s discretion.

Student Groups/Clubs

Strawbridge photographers can photograph any school organized group for yearbook needs. Strawbridge Studios provides a data link with these images to the Yearbook Sponsor. Any group or club picture taken can be made available for purchase.

Cap and Gown

The Cap and Gown program can be offered as a prepay, proof or speculative sale. Cap, gown, tassels and any necessary props are provided by Strawbridge Studios. School colors for the cap and gowns will be approved by the school administration.


Upon request, Strawbridge Studios can photograph any dances sponsored by the school. Pictures of the King and Queen, the court, and candid images can be provided at no extra cost to the school. Packages may be offered on a prepay basis or online proof, based on the choice of the school. Strawbridge Studios handles the collection of money and delivers the picture packages purchased, typically within two weeks of the event. The candid images taken will be provided to the school by digital download.


Strawbridge Studios can photograph images of students receiving their diplomas on graduation day. These images, as well as the candid images, are uploaded to the secure Strawbridge Studios website, typically within 72 hours, for parental viewing and ordering.

Faculty Groups

Strawbridge Studios can photograph a large group picture of faculty and staff members. Schools who choose to do a Faculty Group picture will be provided with a complementary large print to be displayed at the school. Smaller individual prints are also provided for each staff/faculty member at the school.